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So I don’t know how many of you are following this... - mildly friendly black hottie

So I don’t know how many of you are following this situation regarding the “MLK party” and the problem with racial microaggressions (and the dismissive ways people are dealing with them) in the ISU theatre department, but I just wanted to bring this new situation up and weigh in.

A girl in support of Rob (the guy from the petition), recently received an anonymous and hateful letter in the mail. It was sent personally, attacking her with statements like: ‘your’e just a n*gger like the rest of them’, ‘you have no business being biracial if you support racism’, ‘you’re setting back racism by decades by being a black person who supported the party’, etc. 

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I don’t agree with her stance on this party issue and her support for Rob, as well as disagreeing with her “let’s all be friends, kumbyah” approach to the racism that exists today, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSEfor invading her personal space, calling her a racial slur in any form, intimidating her for her beliefs, and personally attacking her anonymously. I don’t care if you disagree with her or not, and I don’t care if you support Rob or not, THIS IS NOT OKAY.

I feel deeply for her because I know how racial slurs and attacks on your views on racism can hurt. I know how people using your skin color and culture to discredit your beliefs can hurt. It’s something you cannot fathom until it happens to you. I’m deeply sorry that she’s dealing with this simply for speaking up and discussing her views on such touchy topic. I also feel deeply for her in that she has probably already dealt with situations like these in varying degrees as a black woman, and I think we could both agree that they need to stop. 

I’m very happy to see that people are pouring in kind words and support to her, but It shouldn’t take an act of blatant racism and intimidation to get a proper conversation going. We need to address all forms of racism and microaggressions, whether they be ones like the “MLK party” or ones like these. We need to become aware of the struggles and experiences people of color go through as a result of people’s flawed perception on race and racism in America. We need to listen to the concerns and feelings of POCs. We need to learn to address the problematic environments we create for POCs by what we say and do in everyday life, as well as in institutions of higher learning like ISU. Address the racial disparities POCs are still experiencing. Learn how to properly respect POC’s culture. We can’t deny it any longer. Let the conversation begin now. Let the change begin now.

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